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About She’s W.O.K.E
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About She's  W.O.K.E
Empowering Women, Enriching Lives: Dive into She's W.O.K.E Wellness.

She’s W.O.K.E  has manifested with the mission to provide a specific need to the community. Critical self-care. We are a woman-led organization with a focus on empowering women while providing women with a weekend to retreat with a focus on growth, and personal development through a variety of traditional and non-traditional self-care practices. This is not just a retreat, but a rejuvenating experience enriching the mind, body, and spirit. 

We can do the work that we do by organizing various fundraising events throughout the year centered around improving mental, physical, spiritual and financial health.

The main event?

Our annual She’s W.O.K.E Wellness Retreat! 

Meet The Founder :

Naomi Williams a Social Psychologist based in Boston, Ma established She's W.o.k.e in 2020 with the hopes of building a women's empowerment event impactful enough to shift perspectives in the lives of women. This organization began as a outlet for women's self-care retreats in the East Coast.

Her mission and purpose for creating this organization was to provide women across the community and abroad with a variety of support and networking program.

Over the course of 1 year this organization has expanded due to overwhelming impact on various social platforms, a motivational leadership and community efforts to raise awareness around the importance of mental health in women's lives. 

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