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Women’s Outlet to Knowledge & Empowerment
Empowering Women Globally
About She's W.O.K.E
Empowering Women, Enriching Lives: Dive into She's W.O.K.E Wellness.

At She’s Woke LLC, we take immense pride in our role as a women's and youth empowerment organization, dedicated to uplifting and supporting our local community. Our mission is to foster an inclusive, nurturing environment that empowers women and youth to realize their full potential and make a positive impact on society. Our deep-rooted connection with the community is reflected in our multifaceted approach to support and involvement, encompassing education, mentorship, skill development, and social initiatives.

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About The Founder

Naomi Williams a Social Psychologist based in Boston, Ma established She's W.o.k.e in 2020 with the hopes of building a women's empowerment event impactful enough to shift perspectives in the lives of women. This organization began as a outlet for women's self-care retreats in the East Coast.

Her mission and purpose for creating this organization was to provide women across the community and abroad with a variety of support and networking program.

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Our Services
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Self-Discovery and Purpose Clarity
Happy Family
Youth Empowerment Services
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Goal Setting and Action Planning
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Personal Branding and Networking
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Our Products

Stay on the frequency of your goals, but also schedule in self care. It's a balance.

- Naomi Williams 

Psychologist Session
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Book For A life Coaching Session

Have a look at my schedule to book a session.


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